Ice in Thayer Brook

Ice in Thayer Brook

Kent, Connecticut. Dave and I hiked from Rt. 341 South along the Appalachian Trail along Schaghticoke Ridge. We usually use two cars and do the entire eight miles but with the conditions we just went as far as Thayer Brook to shoot the ice formations.

Ice forms along the banks and there is a wonderful line in the center of the brook where you can hear and see water running underneath. I spent an hour shooting ice here, just could not get enough of it.

4 thoughts on “Ice in Thayer Brook

  1. Gary

    Richard, that’s one very fine photo, a great photo of the ice in Thayer Brook. Having hiked Schaghticoke Ridge with you several times I’m envious, wish I could’ve been there too. This is a wonderful image, hope you’ll do a card or make a print of it. It looks like an aerial view of a place in Greenland.

  2. Richard Post author

    Thanks Gary. I actually got over twenty keepers on that hike out of about 75 images taken which is a lot for me on any hike. The ice was spectacular and the little camera recorded it in all of it’s great detail. I’ll show you some more at some point. And, I still have images from the last hike we took at the other end of the same ridge. I’ll process those tomorrow. It’s fun to be getting back into this stuff again, I missed it and the new camera is giving me the needed kick in the butt.

  3. Richard Post author

    eddyizm: The RX100 is both an incredible camera and a frustration for me. The images it produces when I do my job right: adjust it and point it in the right direction are some of the best I’ve seen on any small camera. It really is an unusually amazing camera image quality wise.

    However, it has not been a joy to learn to use: it’s menus take some time to get used to, it has a few features that are annoying the hell out of me and it’s physical controls are small and flush mounted which make them tough to use on cold days.

    But, again, the image quality makes up for much of this and it has now turned into my primary camera. That’s really saying something for me.

    If you’ve never actually held and used one I recommend going to a store and seeing how it feels in your hands. I rented one about a month ago for a short trip to California, took a few pictures that really worked out well and then bought one. Had I not rented it I never would have experienced the quality of the images it can produce. If you go to a store to try one, bring an SD card and take some pictures to see what you think.

    If you do buy one, buy it from B&H or Amazon so you can return it if you don’t like it.

    Let me know what you do and what you think.

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