Three trees

Three trees

Schaghticoke Ridge on the Appalachian Trail south of Kent, Connecticut. Dave and I hiked south on the AT with this small stream (Thayer Brook) as our destination.

I shot a lot of ice but these two images of the reflection of three trees in the brook caught my eye. This one is shot at f/1.8 because I forgot to stop the camera down (changing aperture on the RX100 is not fun as the front wheel’s control is sluggish and the back wheel can be clicked by mistake when trying to turn it).

Three trees and a bubble

This one is shot at f/8 and if you zoom in you’ll notice that I got the bubble in pretty decent focus.

If you zoom in on each of these images you’ll see some nice micro-reflections of the three trees and their branches.

There is always a balance between depth of focus and shutter speed when shooting moving water. Good thing this water wasn’t moving very fast.

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