8 thoughts on “Jay Maisel

  1. sheryl

    this is wonderful, I wish it was a lot longer! I love when he says, and I paraphrase, that making art is giving respect to what’s in front of you. YES!

  2. Richard Post author

    I agree Sheryl, he’s worth a one hour PBS documentary. I want to go through his house, his collections are fascinating.

  3. Jim

    I’ve taught a few photo classes and always shows this video. It still inspires me every time I watch it.

    I attended the first Eddie Adams workshop in 1988. One evening Heisler showed his work to a small group of us holed up in someone’s room. It must have been 3 a.m. when he finished. The lights went on and there was Maisel laying on the floor. He’d been soaking up this Heisler mind dump like a student.

  4. Richard Post author

    Wow Jim, you’ve been in the thick of it, that’s fantastic. Makes me want to take Maisel’s workshop just to hang with the group.

    From 1973-1980 I was deeply involved with the University of Oregon Fine Arts department (BFA and MFA) and we had numerous people come through for workshops and classes. If memory serves I too pulled all nighters listening to others mind dump as well as doing a bit myself. No doubt I have buried memories of that stuff somewhere… your comment tickles an old memory and I appreciate how stimulating those experiences can be.


  5. Gary

    Thanks for posting this! I’ve been following his work for decades, he’s a master of color and composition.

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