Ice on Thayer Brook

Ice stalagmites under waterfall

Thayer Brook, Schaghticoke Ridge, Appalachian Trail, Kent, Connecticut. Dave and I took a quick hike south on the AT to shoot ice on this brook. I used both the G15 and RX100 and got a few keepers from each.

These are ice drippings (stalagmites) under a waterfall and while it was tough to shoot these I think this image turned out well as it gives you a sense of the volume of the cones.

Ice hole with ripples and reflection

This was a shallow spot in the brook with holes in the ice so one could see the water running underneath, the bottom, and every now and then, an interesting reflection and/or ripple from the trees around and the rocks underneath.

4 thoughts on “Ice on Thayer Brook

  1. Richard Post author

    Thanks Edward. I have a whole new set in Lightroom now from the next hike we took. I hope to get some of those up tomorrow. This ice work is really giving me a lot of energy and focus in my photography again. Too bad its seasonal, I need a similar summer focus!

  2. Scott James

    Pretty fascinating photos, Richard. I bet it was “tough” shooting all together. Have the controls on the RX100 gotten any more intuitive? Does this mean it has a relatively mild winter so far? I see on the news you are about to get clobbered with a massive winter storm. Stay warm.

  3. Richard Post author

    Scott: The RX100 is just awful to use but the images make me come back to it every time. I carry the S100 and G15 as well on each of my hikes (small and light, why not?) but I shoot exclusively with the RX100 now, not because I like it, but because the images are great. The fact that these were done with the G15 was coincidence: I have similar shots with the Sony but these worked out better so I used them.

    The Sony controls suck even though I know them well now: they’re badly designed physically and software-wise and the entire camera is slow and sluggish. It’s particularly tough to use in cold with the metal body.

    It’s actually a fascinating conundrum. I know there is no perfect camera but Canon is blowing it by not having a better sensor in the G15 which is a great camera to use, and Sony is blowing it by not making their camera better ergonomically. I was hoping the Canon G1X would be a decent compromise but so far it looks like a dog.

    Frustrating but at least I’ve got a camera that can make decent images in low light with the Sony.

    Oh, and Nemo is just getting underway. Not sure what’s going to happen, we’ve been burned before with hype but we’ve also been clobbered so wait 24 hours and we’ll see.

    By the way, yesterday on a hike up in Massachusetts I got some of the best ice shots I’ve ever gotten (with the RX100). I’m way behind on my image processing but maybe this snow storm will give me some time (if we keep power). Stay tuned.

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