The Bay Lights

The Bay Lights is an iconic light sculpture designed by world-renowned artist Leo Villareal. This stunning fine arts experience will shine from dusk until 2:00 a.m. on the San Francisco Bay Bridge West Span from March 5, 2013 through 2015.

Absolutely fantastic work.

More on The Bay Lights Project

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2 thoughts on “The Bay Lights

  1. Jared

    Are you aware that Koch Industries is responsible for many of the construction elements used in the new Bay Bridge? I guess that means that you will not be driving across it.

  2. Richard Post author

    Jared: I haven’t driven across the Bay Bridge in ten years although I wouldn’t hesitate to drive across it if/when I visit the Bay area. In reality, use of the Bay Bridge probably doesn’t affect Koch Industries bottom line, they’ve already been paid or the work they did on it or the materials they provided for it (whatever that was).

    No doubt Koch Industries owned company’s products are everywhere and no doubt I own plenty of their stuff already: polarguard, Goretex (not sure about that one but maybe) and many other synthetic fabrics.

    While I’m no fan of the Koch brother’s politics and will attempt to avoid buying retail products from companies they own when I can, I’m not rigid about it. I do my little bit to keep the meme started by Jane Mayer with her New Yorker article alive and that’s it.


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