4 thoughts on “Making a difference. One app at a time

  1. Richard Post author

    David: I was part of the making of one in the ’80′s called Independence Day. It was amazing. A huge movie crew came into tiny Litchfield, Connecticut with big trucks, grips from New York, etc. They did both still photography and a day of shooting which was edited down to a few minutes as part of the larger piece. I loved the experience and still have the original stills although I’m not sure the video ever made it to digital form on youTube. David Clark was in it as well as were many other great folks. I love that Apple does these kinds of things and the fact that they’re still doing it is significant.

    Congratulations, couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

  2. Richard Post author

    David: I have it on videotape and I tried to have it digitally converted but the conversion didn’t work well. Maybe I should contact Apple and see if they’d do it for me as no doubt they have the master in their archives.

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