Bonnie in Sage’s Ravine

Bonnie in Sage's Ravine

Southwest corner of Massachusetts. Here my younger stepdaughter Bonnie is on a ledge overlooking the creek in Sage’s Ravine on the Appalachian Trail. Spectacular spot, we loved it.

Gary, Nora, Bonnie and I hiked over Bear Mountain, down into Sage’s Ravine, and up over Mt. Race and down the Race Brook Falls trail today. This is a serious 12 mile hike in great conditions but today was hot and humid going up Bear and by the time we got up to Mt. Race a big thunder cell was moving in. Just after we got over Mt. Race it started raining, hailing, with big lightning and thunder. We made it back safely but drenched.

This was Bonnie’s third hike and first big one and she did great, even with the bad weather. We remained safe and upbeat the entire day, including while being pelted with hail.

Now, showered, beered up and fed, the entire day seems rather dreamy.

4 thoughts on “Bonnie in Sage’s Ravine

  1. sheryl

    Go Bonnie!!!! Hey, as long as you’re hiking in my backyard, I wanna come next time!
    sheryl k

  2. sheryl


    This is a wonderful photograph. It reminds me of the old Chinese paintings in which the mountains are high, the sky is enormous, the trees are gnarly–and then there is that little, teeny-tiny guy perched on a cliff’s edge—a thought-provoking perspective.

    Nice piece, Richard!

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