First ice on Race Brook falls

Early ice on Race Brook Falls

Race Brook Falls Trail, Southwest Massachusetts. Given that I’m the maintainer for this trail and I’d not been on it in a few weeks, I thought it time to take a look at it. To my surprise, there was ice on the falls and all along the trail. I had to watch my step as I didn’t bring my Micro spikes and the patches of ice under leaves were treacherous.

I love the look of this place any time of year but the bleakness of late fall/early winter is particularly appealing to me. Couple that with processing in higher contrast monochrome and you have a recipe for interesting photography.

Race Brook above the falls

Race Brook above the falls

Ice teeth on Race Brook

Ice teeth on Race Brook

2 thoughts on “First ice on Race Brook falls

  1. Gary

    Richard, what a delight to see your excellent hi-contrast B & W images taken along the Race Brook Falls Trail, truly a spectacular place. The image of the falls is superb. I hope I can get back to CT sometime this winter so we can put on our micro-spikes and hike that superb landscape!

  2. Richard Post author

    Gary, the trail will just get icier and icier (better and better). Do bring snow shoes and spikes back when you come. Gaters and poles too and layers, It’s cold in them there hills!

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