The Ox

The Ox from Ben Proudfoot on Vimeo.

The Ox is a biographical portrait of master woodworker Eric Hollenbeck and the mill and school he founded Blue Ox in Eureka, California (on the northern coast).

Eric is a Vietnam Vet who came back, struggled and got traction with doing things with his hands. Blue Ox works with kids who are having a rough time in school and Eric is planning to work with vets of our current wars who are coming back in desperate need of exactly what he’s offering: understanding and a way to use one’s hands to build useful things as well as self esteem. There is no doubt about it, engaging in the process of making things is a great way to feel better about yourself.

2 thoughts on “The Ox

  1. Diane

    What a treat to learn of the Blue Ox. After viewing the video, I visited the website which is full of fascinating information, pictures etc. I hope to visit the Blue Ox in Eureka in 2014.

    Happy Holidays to you and Anne.

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