Sage’s Ravine

Sage's Ravine

Dave and I hiked the approach to Bear Mountain, across Paradise Lane and down into Sage’s Ravine which is formed by Sage’s Brook and runs west-east along the border of Connecticut and Massachusetts just north of Bear Mountain (Connecticut).

I thought there might be some nice ice there and I was right. This is one of many keepers from yesterday and I don’t have time to process them all now because we’re going back today before it rains tomorrow.

Incredible hike, amazing photo ops and the Ricoh GR performed in cold like a champ and I never had to take my glove liners off to use it.

2 thoughts on “Sage’s Ravine

  1. Richard Post author

    Thanks Dale, it was an incredible hike, image, day as a whole. We did it again today and I took the same shot again and many others. We’ll see if anything worked out…

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