High contrast needle ice

High contrast needle ice

Appalachian Trail, Sage’s Ravine, Connecticut/Massachusetts border.

Dave and I hiked into Sage’s Ravine again and took a lot more landscape images but on the way there I noticed some needle ice (an ice crystal formation that grows in loose dirt) growing in a rut in the trail. I took these images with the Ricoh GR in both RAW and high contrast black and white JPEG expecting to toss the JPEGs and process the RAWs but wow, the JPEGs look like paintings. The ice looks like brush strokes. These were the keepers, the RAWs don’t work nearly as well.

High contrast needle ice

High contrast needle ice

2 thoughts on “High contrast needle ice

  1. Gary

    Richard, your need ice high contrast images are absolutely wonderful, having a very fine abstract look to them. I’m sure these would make fine prints!

  2. Richard Post author

    Thanks Gary, I’m pleased with them too. Almost all of the photographs I took in Sage’s Ravine were landscapes and some closeups of ice but nothing like these and I’m really enjoying what that high contrast jpeg setting in the GR is doing to these kinds of shots. Got to mess with it more.

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