Finding and Shooting ice

Finding and shooting ice

Race Brook Falls trail, Southwest Massachusetts.

Loren and I hiked up the Race Brook Falls trail (that I maintain for Berkshire AMC) and while there was plenty of ice it was mostly covered by a thin layer of snow.

It was a great hike and I didn’t think I’d be taking any pictures when I spotted a thin ribbon of water feeding Race Brook that looked to have some ice in it. On closer inspection there were some nice patterns created as different water levels froze.

This is what it looks like when you find an interesting ice patch. How you photograph it (close, far, etc.) and how you process the images comes later.

For those who care, I have on Kahtoola Micro Spikes which are essential when walking on slippery ground and are much easier to deal with than crampons. They’re easy to put on and work extremely well, better than “Yak Tracks” by far.

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