Mt. Race, south ridge

Mt. Race, south ridge

Southwest Massachusetts.

Dave, Loren, and Dave and I hiked up onto Mt. Race yesterday in great conditions. Not quite enough snow for snowshoes but we used micro spikes. This is looking south down the Appalachian Trail toward the Connecticut border and Bear Mountain (just off frame to the right). You can just sort of make out Twin Lakes and Salisbury, Connecticut in the back-left of the frame.

We just got another foot of snow so we’ll be back up in this area soon, with snowshoes. Oh boy.

9 thoughts on “Mt. Race, south ridge

  1. Gary

    What a superb photo! I remember being there under very different circumstances, when you, Bonnie, and I moved as quickly as we could in that thunderstorm last summer. It’s a spectacular place to hike, great to see your look at it in winter.

  2. Richard Post author

    Gary: Exactly. Same place different season. The views on this 1/2 mile of ridge line are some of the best in the area. Really great place and it was absolutely “virgin” not a foot step in the snow ahead of us. My guess is today, after another foot or more of snow, it’s even better. I hope to be back up there tomorrow on snowshoes.

  3. Richard Post author

    Thanks Shooter. i was back up there today in deeper snow with snowshoes. I’ll be posting images from this trip tomorrow hopefully.

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