Mt. Race, south ridge (again)

Mt. Race, South Ridge (again)

Southwest Massachusetts.

Dave, Cathy, Nora and I snowshoed up onto Mt. Race, the same hike we did last week (sans snowshoes). We had over a foot of new snow since and the going was tough. Cathy led and broke trail the entire way (thank god).

This is looking south down the Appalachian Trail toward the Connecticut border and Bear Mountain (just off frame to the right). You can just sort of make out Twin Lakes and Salisbury, Connecticut in the back-left of the frame.

Another fantastic day: great conditions, great company, great time.

2 thoughts on “Mt. Race, south ridge (again)

  1. Richard Post author

    You’d have loved it Gary. As you know, this is right where we were running to get across the summit before the storm hit last summer. Now THAT was an epic hike!

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