Touch ID Fade

Apple preparing software update to enhance functionality of iPhone 5s Touch ID

While initial reviews of Touch ID generally praised the “single touch” system for being easy to set up and consistently accurate, a number of users have reported what is being called “AuthenTec Fade,” or intermittent recognition failures that begin to occur months after first configuring one’s prints.

I first posted on Touch ID here: Out of Touch ID, and here: Touch ID. I thought I fixed the problem with my last post but in fact, Touch ID on my iPhone 5S has faded to not working consistently.

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to this update and I’m glad Apple has finally acknowledged this problem.

[via Zapong]

2 thoughts on “Touch ID Fade

  1. Jon

    This is good news. I’m in the same position as you Richard. It works. Sometimes. Inconsistent seems to be the best description.

  2. Richard Post author

    Thanks for commenting Jon, good to know I’m not the only one. I figured it was just us “old farts” with messed up fingerprints from years of rock climbing and such but nice to know you young whippersnappers are also having the issue.

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