Deconstructing Back to the Future

Four twenty somethings sitting in a diner talking about the movie Back to the Future. Amazingly, this movie holds up to this day because it’s a comedy and that gives it license to do whatever the story needs, even if that means Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) fogging illogical situations with a bunch of scientific sounding words that make no sense. Who cares, it’s great fun.

Writer and producer Bob Gale conceived the idea after he visited his parents in St. Louis, Missouri after the release of Used Cars. Searching their basement, Gale found his father’s high school yearbook and discovered he was president of his graduating class. Gale thought about the president of his own graduating class, who was someone he had nothing to do with. Gale wondered whether he would have been friends with his father if they went to high school together. When he returned to California, he told Robert Zemeckis his new concept. Zemeckis subsequently thought of a mother claiming she never kissed a boy at school, when in reality she was highly promiscuous. The two took the project to Columbia Pictures, and made a development deal for a script in September 1980.

[via Gizmodo]