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Foam on Thayer Brook

Foam on Thayer Brook

Schaghticoke Ridge, Appalachian Trail, Kent, Connecticut. Thayer Brook is the last big stream crossing on this hike. There’s usually a small foam whirlpool in this spot and I’ve photographed them here before.

No doubt there’s a scientific reason for foam forming in these patterns right after a small waterfall on a brook because that’s where I’ve found all of the foam patterns I’ve shot. It’s like the foam forms when the water goes over the fall but it takes a while (in this case about 25′) for it to collect like this. There was no foam visible on the water between this little “collection” and the waterfall, just clear water as far as I could tell. This pocket of rock was like a foam collector.

Aerial tree minimalism

On the Grid

Dutch photographer Gerco de Ruijter recently got in touch with an extraordinary series of aerial photographs called Baumschule—some of which, he explains, were taken using a camera mounted on a fishing rod.

The series features “32 photographs of tree nurseries and grid forests in the Netherlands.”

Fantastic stuff. Would be fun to make mosaics out of these.




United Terminal, LAX. I was inspired by all of the great iPhone photography I’ve been seeing. This is nothing fancy, just a front camera shot of tiles and a curve in a ceiling with light. With no experience pre-visualizing these types of images with an iPhone this is a shot in the dark, so to speak.