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Descanso Gardens with Sony RX100 II

Flowers and leaves

Descanso Gardens, Flintridge, California.

It was a beautiful day to wheel my mother around these lovely gardens and unlike back home in Connecticut, here flowers were in bloom.

There was plenty of color but I’m very much into monochrome these days. The light on this small clump of flowers was compelling so I wheeled my mother into this little grove and spent ten minutes shooting here.

While the Sony RX100 II makes exceptionally fine images, it’s controls are less than wonderful compared with the Ricoh GR. It’s nice to have a second camera with a zoom lens but I reach for the Ricoh before the Sony most days if for no other reason, it’s easier to use/control.


My mother watching me take pictures

My almost 99 year old mother watching me take pictures

Flowers in the Getty Center Garden

Flower in the Getty Center Garden

The Getty Center, Los Angeles, California. I wanted to get back to the Getty with my Ricoh GR (which lacks an anti-aliasing filter over its sensor) to take some architectural pictures looking for moire. And, I took quite a few which I’ll process later today or when i get back home.

My mother enjoys wheeling through the Robert Irwin-designed garden labyrinth so we got down there as well and I took a few flower pictures with the GR. I must say, I’m quite happy with it as a general purpose camera and these images are pretty much straight out of the camera. I’m having a bit of trouble remembering to turn macro mode off; unlike other cameras I’ve used it stays on even when the camera is turned off. This is good, I just have to retrain myself. And, the camera hunts in macro mode occasionally as well which will take some work to figure out how to avoid. But, my issues with this camera are mostly issues with myself, not the camera itself and I’m extremely pleased with its ease of use and the images it pumps out effortlessly.

The architectural shots look great to me as well and I’ll get on them soon.

Flower in the Getty Center Garden

Lotus leaves with ginkgos in sewer water

Lotus leaves with ginkgos in sewer water

Van Nuys, California. We were back at the Japanese Garden today and it was hot but the lotus garden was in great bloom. A few stray ginkgo leaves fell in which made for a nice combination with the lotus leaves in various states of decay.

The Japanese Garden is part of a large water reclamation plant and because this water isn’t quite clean yet, fish, plants, and various kinds of birds love this place. We saw a few egrets and herons today although it was so hot most of the birds were in cooler parts of town no doubt.

Lotus pond at the Japanese Garden

Me among the lotus leaves

Japanese Garden, Van Nuys, California. We love this garden for a number of reasons. It’s an authentic Japanese garden with all the trimmings (so to speak) and it’s part of a city sewage treatment plant so the water in the various ponds is loaded with great food for fish and birds.

Today the only bird we saw was a lone cormorant who had the entire place to himself. However, the small lotus pond was spectacular and even though the sun was in exactly the wrong place for photography, I did my best to capture some of its beauty.

I must say, this lotus pond was a prime example of wabi sabi, the Japanese aesthetic term for beauty in imperfection.

Because the sun was overhead I couldn’t easily see the LCD screen of the Ricoh GR but thankfully I’ve left the AF confirm sound on so I lined things up the best I could, squeezed until I heard the pleasing beep, and snapped away. I’ve never left that sound on on any camera I’ve ever had but the Ricoh’s version of it somehow pleases me. Go figure.

Lone lotus flower among leaves in decay

Lotus leaves

Lotus leaf in decay

Lotus leaf with shadows

Lotus flower stamen

Mountain Laurel

Mountain Laurel

Race Brook Falls Trail, Southwest Massachusetts. The blooming of mountain laurel in late June is one of the yearly attractions hiking along the Appalachian Trail in New England.

On this hike I climbed the Race Brook Falls Trail (the trail I oversee) and then south up Mt. Race on the AT and then back to the col and north up Mt. Everett, then back down the falls trail. The white mountain laurel were on Race, the pink on Everett (further north by a mile). The bloom is working its way north.

By the way, I’m having a bit of a rough time with the AF on the Ricoh GR, maybe time to read the manual.

Mountain Laurel

Mountain Laurel

Mountain Laurel

Mountain Laurel