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Polar Bear – Spy on the Ice

This is a brilliant highlight reel from John Downer Productions’ work done for the BBC’s Animal Planet. The photography is incredible as is the music soundtrack. Zoom it out, the images are well worth it.

John Downer Productions is a media company specialising in wildlife television, feature films and commercials. It has won numerous international awards for its innovative approach to filmmaking. It made its name by abandoning the traditional style of nature documentary and pioneering a highly inventive subjective approach. Through the use of new dramatic techniques it was possible, for the first time, to plunge the audience into the animal world.

More information on the full piece and the cameras used can be found here: Polar Bear – Spy on the Ice. Find lots of other fantastic pieced by this excellent media company here: John Downer Productions: Programmes.

Check out the fantastic behind the scenes video toward the bottom of this page: Earthflight (behind the scenes). Zoom it out, its well worth it.


Cheetahs on the Edge

Cheetahs on the Edge–Director’s Cut from Gregory Wilson on Vimeo.

Cheetahs are the fastest runners on the planet. Combining the resources of National Geographic and the Cincinnati Zoo, and drawing on the skills of an incredible crew, we documented these amazing cats in a way that’s never been done before.

Using a Phantom camera filming at 1200 frames per second while zooming beside a sprinting cheetah, the team captured every nuance of the cat’s movement as it reached top speeds of 60+ miles per hour.

The extraordinary footage that follows is a compilation of multiple runs by five cheetahs during three days of filming.

This is an incredible piece of video and I highly recommend that you watch it full screen and all the way to the very end so you can see the making of piece and a real time chunk of video of how fast the animals were really running.

The cheetah’s heads are so steady it’s like they’ve got gyroscopes built into them. Having had a cat I can vouch for the fact that cats have special abilities in this area, no doubt to enable hunting on the run but cheetahs being the fastest cats on earth take it to a whole different level.

[via The Kid Should See This]

Thomas Shahan’s macro photography

Adult Male Jumping Spider at Sunset - Phidippus mystaceus

Adult Male Jumping Spider at Sunset – Phidippus mystaceus

I saw the above video of Thomas Shahan’s work on this morning.

Not only do I love Thomas’s photographic work but the narration of the video is spot on about photographic process. He really walks the walk and he’s got a great attitude for any kind of photography.

Here’s his site: Thomas Shahan. Here’s Thomas Shahan’s photostream on flickr. Here’s his YouTube channel.

Yes, Thomas has great images of spiders but there’s a lot more to this guy than macro photography. Dig around and you’ll find guitars, basset hounds, and more.