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Needle Ice

Needle Ice

Needle Ice

Race Brook Falls Trail, Southwest Massachusetts. We hiked up to the junction of the Race Brook Falls trail and the Appalachian Trail and found dozens of outcroppings of needle ice along the way. It’s a most photogenic phenomena although its got so much depth its tough to take a decent image of it.

Dave shooting needle ice

It’s a most photogenic phenomena although its got so much depth its tough to take a decent image of it. Here Dave is using his Canon Powershot G12 with its articulated LCD screen to shoot the ice.

Setting up a Canon G10 for street photography

This is a great (old) video of professional photographer Gary Knight sets up his Canon G10 (now G12) as a street photography camera.

He adds a hotshot 35mm viewfinder

He presets the zoom lens to 35mm and locks it there

He sets ISO to 200 or 400 (film speeds he’s used to)

He saves all of those settings so he can return to them easily.

I love the G series ergonomics and I’ve not considered adding an external viewfinder to make up for Canon’s useless built in viewfinder. I do make various settings on my S100 (and have on all of my Canon cameras) that I return to easily because they’re saved.

It’s great to see a professional photojournalist using this type of camera instead of a Leica or a big DSLR kit.

Lion on a stick

Lion on a stick

For those of you who are Mac users, this is a self-made Mac OS 10.7 Lion install on a USB flash drive. I could have gotten a 4 gig drive but the 8 gig was cheaper.

Why do this? Because Apple is phasing out optical drives and this will boot any modern Mac and do a complete Lion install from scratch or as a recovery. I back up daily with SuperDuper so I made this to install Lion on my wife’s computer and as a backup for us. We do have optical drives but at some point in the future we won’t.

I have lots of these little flash drives but this one impressed me with its bright color and rubberized coating.

Making one of these is simple and if you’re a Lion user or future Lion user you should have one.

Earlier discussion here: Installing Lion on multiple Macs.