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Gary on Metro North

Gary on Metro North

On the way to New York on Metro North. My good friend Gary Sharp came out to visit us in Connecticut from the southern Oregon coast over Thanksgiving as he has for many years. It’s always a delight to see him; he and I go back thirty years. 30 years! Gad, we’re old.

One of the many things that happens when he visits is we both take a lot more pictures which of course is a good thing. Each of us in our own way can get stuck in a photographic rut; it’s not that we’re not shooting, we are, but we need stimulation, another influence that nudges us in a slightly different direction.

Gary is a gentle but authoritative influence on me; he’s got much more photographic experience than I do and a great eye for color and composition and even though I can seem headstrong at times, his gravitational energy pulls me out of my comfortable orbit. A trip to New York with Gary is a blast. Hell, a train ride with Gary is a blast.

In short, we had a great time together and I’m looking forward to his next visit this coming summer.

Oak leaves, reflected trees, rocks, and me

Oak leaves, reflected trees, rocks, and me

Salisbury, Connecticut. On Paradise Lane near my last self portrait reflection image.

Today we extended our Bear Mountain hike over Round Top to Mt. Frissel where we turned around and came back over Bear. Long hike for us (12 miles) and we were pretty wiped by the time we got back to my truck.

I like this image better than the first one, the rocks and oak leaves make it even more interesting.



Just messing around with the S100. I was about to pull the trigger on the Ricoh GRD IV which is a great little camera as well but I’m having a hard time doing it because I’m so used to the S100 and it makes excellent images. This black and white was done in the camera. For those who are interested, the S100 has dropped in price considerably since its replacement was announced. The replacement (S110) is pretty much the same camera with a few new features including wifi (nice). I might just order a second (backup) S100 because I like it so much.



Macricostas Preserve, Steep Rock. Washington, Connecticut. There’s a nice butterfly garden off the parking lot where we start the hike up to Waramaug Rock and we thought we’d shoot some flowers before setting off. Today was the hottest, muggiest and worst air we’ve felt all summer. This flower was the highlight of the day.

Amazing that this was shot with the PowerShot S100, handheld. It’s not a 5D and macro lens but it does a decent job.

Great Catskill Hiking on The Devil’s Path

Richard and Gary on Twin, Catskills

Richard and Gary on Twin Mountain, Catskills

Devil’s Path, Catskill Mountains, New York. Gary is visiting again and we decided to do a piece of the Devil’s Path, a hike he’s never done.

Started at Roaring Kill parking area, went up the blue trail to Pecoy Notch, Climbed the west side of Twin Mountain on the Devil’s Path, then went back down to Pecoy Notch and continued on the Devil’s Path up Sugarloaf Mountain and down the other side into Mink Hollow, returning to Roaring Kill on the Mink Hollow blue trail. Great hike, strenuous, steep and rocky but we took our time and had a blast.

Next year we’d love to do the entire eastern section of the Devil’s Path in a day: Indian Head, Twin, Sugarloaf and Plateau. This would be a huge accomplishment for these two old dudes! I’ve done each of these mountains in pairs but never all at once.

On the Devil's Path, Catskills

This is the view behind us which is where we’re about to go: Down Twin to Pecoy Notch (again) and up and over Sugarloaf.

Gary in a chimney on Twin

On Sugarloaf Mountain

(Gary took the above picture of me on Sugarloaf).

The great thing about hiking in the Catskills is the shale rock makes for the most interesting formations that trails have to weave in and out of. The Devil’s Path is full of this stuff making what would ordinarily be a strenuous hike up and down a bunch of 1500 foot hills much more interesting.

Gary on the devils path

I have to say, many people think the Catskills aren’t “real” mountains and the park is just full of old, broken down “Borcht Belt” resorts. I’ve hiked and climbed in almost every national park and major mountain range in North America and I have to say the Catskills is one of my favorite places bar none. And, I hiked and climbed in the Sierras, Cascades, and Rockies long before I was introduced to Catskill hiking by my neighbor Dave McCullough. I love the odd shapes of these mountains, the shale rock, and the fact that there’s an extensive and well maintained trail system in the park. We look forward to snowshoeing up these great mountains in winter as well. Frankly, I’m sort of glad that many people go elsewhere to hike and I’ve hiked there without seeing another person all day.