Joel Bukiewicz – Knife Maker

Made by Hand / No 2 The Knife Maker from Made by Hand on Vimeo.

“Buckets of blood and sweat.” (practice)

“Convergence of handmade and food” (a bit of luck but more like smarts)

This is an excellent video and Joel’s narration makes it even better. What he says about the satisfaction he derives from making things by hand is shared by many across multiple domains from splitting and stacking wood to peeling apples for pies (maybe with one of his paring knives) to making sculpture to making chairs, and more. People who make things that other people use have a very nice feedback system in that there is direct evidence of the pleasure others are getting from one’s work.

I used to collect hand made folding pocket knives (pre 9/11) and still have some nice ones but for the most part I’m content with a few well made “factory” folders for everyday use around the house and yard.

Of course, during our recent blackout, my wife and I stayed warm because I work three years ahead collecting, processing, drying, and stacking the firewood that is our main source of heat. I get real pleasure from doing that process, a similar kind to the pleasure Joel gets in seeing others use his knives in kitchens. And, I enjoy making fine art notecards out of my photography and have sold and given away thousands of them over the years. It’s fun to make these by hand.

The video is part of a series on hand made things at: Made by Hand.

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Urban Hyperlocal Gardening for Produce

New Company Brings Produce From the Roof to the Supermarket Aisle

Growing produce on your roof is a productive way to take advantage of the space, but is it possible to make it commercially viable on a larger scale? A new company’s business model may show the way.

This may turn into the urban version of what Alice Waters has been advocating for decades: locally grown food is better. Take the transportation and storage out of the equation and food can be picked ready to eat.

Reminds me of the solar energy company that puts photovoltaic cells on the rooftops of whole foods for free, then sells them the energy produced at their location below market prices.


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Orange juice

Orange juice

The sun was quite strong through the kitchen window this morning and lit up my orange juice even more than normal.

The main camera in the iPhone continues to impress. If I take my time and work out a shot it comes close to my S90 in terms of snapshot picture quality. I still don’t like holding it or the fact that Apple won’t let third party apps turn the volume control buttons into shutter buttons (understandably but!) but once you get by the ergonomics it does quite well.

Gianni’s North Beach

San Francisco’s North Beach Old and New from Spots Unknown on Vimeo.

John Gianni not only makes my mouth water with his food prep and cooking, but he brings back memories of San Francisco’s North Beach, a neighborhood I almost always visit on trips to San Francisco and have been for over thirty years.

I’ll never forget one of the first Macworld Expos where my friend Dr. Richard Koch pulled a young and curious Steve Splonskowski out of one of the strip joints wedged in among the Italian restaurants and City Lights bookstore. We ate at a cheap Italian restaurant that doesn’t exist anymore on a Flatiron-like corner. Somehow we always got the same waitress and she took the orders from our table of ten people without writing them down, then, when we finished and were marching out she rang us each up individually, remembering what we’d had. This happened every time for over ten years of going there.

We always hung out for part of an evening at Cafe Trieste imagining Allen Ginsberg and his crew coming in for an espresso. After that we walked up the block to the postcard store and bought cards, all of which I have to this day.

Many years later in another phase of my life my friend Gary Sharp and I repeated this pilgrimage numerous times, including the postcard store.

Lots more recipes and stories up at Gianni’s North Beach.

Here Gianni cooks porchetta. The guy makes it look easy: “ba da boom!”

What some people don’t know about copyright is a lot

The Day The Internet Threw a Righteous Hissyfit About Copyright And Pie

Great headline. Fascinating story.

Linda Holmes at NPR has written the best overview I’ve read yet of this now viral story about copyright and ignorance. I particularly like that Linda makes reference to what I call virtual lynch mobs: people ganging up on others just because a bunch of people have tweeted that these people have done something wrong. I’m not defending Cook’s Source or the editor, they deserve to be routed for thinking it okay to lift copyrighted information and republish it, even with proper citation but without permission, but no doubt the comments on Facebook and elsewhere involved dismembering people for this nasty deed. Support the authors who were plagiarized, stop subscribing to and using Cook’s Source and put them out of business but let’s not waterboard the editor.

Another Apple (and pear and quince too)

Beyond Delicious

New York Magazine has a great feature on apples grown in New York State with excellent photographs and descriptions of each variety. Many of these are found at our local orchard here in Connecticut. Our favorite is spigold which is a hybrid of northern spy and golden delicious.

Pie mix

This is approximately one apple pie’s worth of apples, pears, quince. Click on the image to go up to flickr where there are notes on each apple showing which is which. We just made eight more pies and will make even more.

Apples are good. Pie is good. Life is good (when eating apples and pie).


Beautiful combat meals

A Taste of Home in Foil Packets and Powder

Each year, among the countries with troops in Afghanistan — the current number is 47 — tens of millions of dollars are spent researching how to fit the most calories, nutrition and either comfort or fun into a small, light package. The menus and accompaniments are intended not just to nourish but also to remind the soldier of home.

Images of rations

Spectacular food images of military rations (“combat meals”) from 14 of the countries with troops in Afghanistan.

Photographs and reporting by Ashley Gilbertson, food styling by Maria Washburn.

My Cooking Diary

My Cooking Diary

Hello my name is Sharon Hwang. This is my diary of recipes tried, delicious meals eaten, and things that inspire my cooking. I’m not a chef – I’m a graphic designer, but love to cook and learn new recipes in my small home kitchen in San Francisco. These are the dishes I’ve enjoyed.

The photos are taken by my boyfriend Mike Matas.

This is a wonderful site with great food photography and recipes (move mouse into image to see recipe).

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Pancake as sign?

Pancake as sign?

Warren, Connecticut. Some people see Jesus in their Latte foam. I might see this pancake (in the shape of an apple) as a sign that Apple will ship a tablet, break $300 and dump AT&T as their iPhone carrier this year.

Too bad I don’t believe in signs.

The pancakes were great this morning.