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Sage’s Ravine


My friend Gary Sharp took this picture of me on our epic hike from undermountain trail, over Bear Mountain, down into Sage’s Ravine, then up the Appalachian Trail to Mt. Race, over Race and down the Race Brook Falls trail. It was epic because it was long (12 miles) and we ran into a fierce storm cell just after going over Mt. Race. We got hailed on and completely soaked going down the Race Brook Falls trail. We still had a great time.

iPhone 5 and Hipstamatic.

Mt. Race panorama

Mt. Race panorama

Standing on the very summit of Mt. Race in Massachusetts I decided to try the panorama feature of my iPhone.

To the north we have Dave and Cathy with Mt. Everett behind them and panning east then panning south we have Gary and Bonnie (my younger stepdaughter) with Bear Mountain behind them. The pan was a full 180 degrees.

The image isn’t great but this is a lot of fun and the iPhone makes it quite easy. More experimentation is in order.

Life in LoFi

Life In LoFi’s Top iPhoneography of 2012

This is a great collection of iPhone photography done with a variety of tools. Yes, it looks like a lot of the Photoshop work from years ago but remember, these images were shot with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch camera and processed with iOS apps on the device. It’s an impressive collection and while much of the photography is overly stylized it fascinates me that all of this work is now being done completely on a mobile platform. The world is definitely changing rapidly.

[via Gary Sharp]

SlingShot grip and tripod

The SlingShot: A Double Duty Phone Grip and Tripod

I don’t have one of these yet (ordering after posting) but it looks great to me.

Best part: the SlingShot’s flexible cradle holds any smartphone ever — from the new iPhone 5 to the oldest Android (with or without a case too)!

I have a 4S with a bumper on it so the current set of clamps don’t work for me. This will. Yes!