Our backyard the morning after the big storm

Our backyard the morning after the big storm

Warren, Connecticut. We still have no power and may not until Sunday and I’m posting this from a friend’s house in Goshen where they got power yesterday. Anne and I got our first shower since Saturday, it was heaven.

We had a lot of damage at our place, the oak trees hadn’t lost their leaves yet so got burdened down with snow and ice and the tops broke off. One of those tops gently landed on our roof and was hanging by a thread; our good friends at Arbor Services of Connecticut came by and took care of it for us (thank you Leonard and whoever else helped out).

Today I cut up all the big downed wood and piled the brush for the birds to make nests in.

Anne and I are roughing it but we have a great wood stove and plenty of dry wood so we’re warm. We’re using stream water to flush toilets and cooking on a Coleman burner on the deck.

Last night we went out and had a pizza and put the leftover pizza in a secure box on the deck along with our milk and other refrigerator stuff. Unfortunately a raccoon found my pizza and ate it and opened all our boxes and pawed through everything getting red sauce on most of it. Sigh, if life weren’t tough enough.

I’ve been going to the Danbury Mall to use the Apple store wifi network and the mall is nice enough to let people plug into the mall’s power outlets. I bring a power strip and recharge both iPhones, both iPads, both computers, and my iPal radio that I listen to updates of our situation on NPR on.

We’re frustrated but we’re very lucky to have wood heat and we’ll live.

Lily pads at The Japanese Garden

Water lilies

The Japanese Garden in Van Nuys, California (just over the hill from west LA) is actually part of a sewage treatment plant. The garden that the water runs through is built as a traditional Japanese garden with lanterns, manicured plants, rock gardens, koi in the water, a lili pond, ducks, egrets and more. It’s actually a hidden treasure in Los Angeles that my mother and I visit often.

This was taken with the new version of Instagram, an iPhone photography app.

Mitch Dobrowner shoots storms

Mitch Dobrowner: The Storms

Words are inadequate to describe the experience of photographing this immense power and beauty, And the most exciting part is with each trip I really don’t know what to expect. But today I see these storms as living, breathing things. They are born when the conditions are right, they gain strength as they grow, they fight against their environment to stay alive, they change form as they age, and eventually they die. They take on so many different aspects, personalities and faces. My only hope is that my images can do justice to these amazing phenomena of nature.

They do.

Incredible storm images. Go full screen for best effect.

Housatonic River at Falls Village two days after Irene

Falls Village, Connecticut. This was shot with Canon S95 two days after Irene struck. The river crested the night before but there was more water in it than I’ve ever seen.

Amazing power and no doubt this kind of power in a river is what did all the damage in Vermont.

There are areas along this river still under water today, a week later although it has gone down considerably.

Watch full screen and turn it up, the noise was incredible.