Small Worlds

Small Worlds

The Nikon International Small World Photomicrography Competition recently announced its list of winners for 2010. The competition began in 1974 as a means to recognize and applaud the efforts of those involved with photography through the light microscope. Peering into the small worlds of animal, plants and minerals using many techniques and different instruments, this year’s entries brought us images of crystalline formations, fluorescent body parts, cellular structures and more, valuable for both their beauty and insight.

Alan Taylor at The Big Picture is one of the best image editors in the business. This collection is first rate as are almost all of his collections at the site.

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail


Sharon, Connecticut. The Sharon Audubon Center has over twenty injured raptors that we love to visit from time to time. The bald eagle is magnificent as are the great horned owls.

This summer, on our way to the raptor cages we passed a small butterfly garden and given that we had some rented camera gear with us we figured we’d spend some time there.

This was shot, handheld, with a rented Canon 1D IV and my macro lens. I thought this camera might be too big and heavy for me but in fact, it’s a joy to use and feels quite good in hand. The images it can produce in the right hands (not mine) are stellar and I can see why it’s been a popular camera.