Reflection in Paradise

Pre-fall reflection

Brook on Paradise Lane, Bear Mountain, Connecticut. We hiked up Bear Mountain yesterday to check out the water flow in local streams but in fact, they were all back to just a bit above normal. Just not enough drainage above this area to cause an extended heavy flow like in southern Vermont where there are hundreds of miles of rivers feeing bigger rivers.

Still, the pre-fall tree and leaf reflections were beautiful as was the top of Bear. Very clear after the big rain.

Beaver pond reflection

Beaver pond reflection

We hiked up on Schaghticoke ridge south of Kent, Connecticut and just on the New York/Connecticut border we found the lower end of a long beaver pond/swamp. We hiked along the eastern edge of it and there were “chews” everywhere where beaver had brought trees down or taken saplings down. We never saw the lodge nor did we get to the other end of the pond which may have been miles long so no sight of a dam. But, plenty of evidence that the beaver(s) have been busy.

This reflection was too good to pass up.