Time Lapse

Rail Bridge Replacement time lapse

Time Lapse – Rail Bridge Replacement, Cow Lane, Reading from Chris Wilkinson on Vimeo.

Upper Cut Productions was commissioned by BAM Nuttall and Network Rail to film a rail bridge reconstruction project in Reading, during the Christmas period of 2011.

3 weather-proofed time lapse cameras were installed in various locations to capture the progress of the new bridge construction – they took nearly 1/4million photographs over a 6 month period.

Following the short video of the bridge move between 24.12.11 and 28.12.11, this video reveals the full project from the bridge construction to the site clearance after New Year.

This is one of the best time lapse videos of anything I’ve ever seen. What an incredible construction job, building the bridge and moving it. And the fact that they used multiple cameras and wove the time lapse together so beautifully does justice to the amazing construction job. Wow.

[via wimp.com]

Canon Hack Development Kit

Tweaking a Camera to Suit a Hobby

The [Canon Hack Development Kit (or C.H.D.K. for short)] software has allowed photographers using more than 50 models of Canon PowerShot cameras to reprogram the time lapse instructions to record construction projects or to use motion-sensing programs to capture animals in the deep woods. It can also be used to alter the camera’s exposure control to produce imaginative images in difficult lighting.

Wow, fantastic piece by Peter Wayner on a loosely knit group of developers who write and share firmware hack scripts for Canon PowerShot cameras.