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The Village Hub

This is a fascinating documentary about a sustainability project that Willie Smits and the Masarang Foundation designed for rural Indonesia.

Smits designed a process for harvesting the sap of sugar palm trees on a “village scale” that also produces useable bi-products. Brilliant.

The entire factory can be broken down and fit into two shipping containers and transported by truck and ship. Wow.

Film by Raymond Hartman and Bureau Beeldtaal Filmmakers.


Potters of Japan

This is a fantastic two part documentary on ceramics in Japan produced in 1968 by Richard and Marj Peeler, american potters from Indiana. Part 1 above, Part 2 below.

I have a background in ceramics: BFA in 1975, MFA in 1980 both from the University of Oregon where the source for this post, Ken O’Connell taught basic design (among other things) and was on my MFA committee. Ken is on his way to Japan again soon and that’s why he sent out this link.

[via Ken O'Connell]

Climbing the Shanghai Tower

Watch two Russian guys, Vitaliy Raskalov and Vadim Makhorov trespass and then climb up stairs and finally, a crane on the still under construction Shanghai Tower. Watching this video will make you squirm but it’s well worth it.

This has been making the rounds and it’s old now but I find both the video and their still photography spectacular.

Here is their blog post about it which contains the above video but also some incredible still photography: Shanghai Tower.

While I don’t condone what these two guys have done, getting to the places they get gives them an opportunity to get some incredible images, both as dramatic videos and in still images.

Elijah Aaron

Watch Elijah Aaron use a loop machine to quickly put together a cover of No Scrubs. He’s such a natural, both as a percussionist and as a musician it’s astonishing to watch.

Here he is doing a cover of Paul Simon’s Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes:

Here he is with fellow musician Noah doing some percussion improv live. Most excellent:

iuka session :: drum brothers from rachel joy baransi on Vimeo.

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